Spoing Facebook Game Review

Spoing Title Screen

Spoing is a physics game that can be played for free in facebook. The game uses the Unity Web Player, which is quite unique as most facebook games are either flash based or pure web or text based. Spoing is developed by Games2Be, s Swiss game development company. While the game is simple, it's quite surprising that this game actually have a story. You are trapped in a cave and the only way to get out is up.

The game basically mimics the physics of a slingshot where you pull a string to shoot a ball upwards. The rules are quite simple in Spoing, get the ball to another string or platform without  touching the wall or falling to the ground. You also need reach the goal as fast as you can as that would determine your end reward.

Spoing Points and Timer Stop

As you go from platform to platform, you can collect bonus points which are important so you can finish the level in less time as bonus points momentarily stops the timer. Finishing a level with less time allows you to gain experience which you need to unlock other levels.


Green Points - Stops time for 1 second, green points are also used to create your own platforms
Note - Stops time for 4 seconds

Spoing Level Points and Level Packs

You need to get up to 3 blue level points to unlock level packs. You can get level points when you invite friends. Also be sure to press the like button to get 20 free level points. You also get free level points when friends send you or when you complete a level faster than required.

Spoing Free Balls

The remaining balls are basically your life credits (how much more you can play). You get 10 balls for free when you login and 1 ball every 30 minutes. It's almost impossible to run out of balls.

Spoing Trajectory

The 3D effect on the ball was awesome. I also like the exploding effects and of course the way the strings bend when you pull them. The graphics gives me a patapon-like feel (you know Patapon, right?) where everything is all black and done with style. I also liked the way the camera seem to zoom out when you pull a string, and then zooms in when you release the ball. However, the game lacked some good title screen and that is very important. But I guess that is something that can still be worked out in the future.

A music plays when you complete a level. A piano sound also plays when you pull a string, which varies depending on how far you pull off the string. A peaceful music also plays as you play through levels.

You use the mouse to pull a string and shoot the ball upwards. It's very interesting how you can set different angles when you pull a string. A dotted trajectory shows where the ball will go, which I noticed was a little buggy as they sometimes disappear. The game sound and music can be configured and you can select a user interface language to be English or German.

Spoing Achievement System

If you ever decide to get serious, there is this Spoing achievement system where you can perfect or master each level. You can also always play any previous levels if you wish.

Overall, Spoing is a very innovative game that any new or experienced gamers would love to play. A few more improvements and we believe that this game will really rock. Spoing is currently under development for the iPhone and iPod touch. You can play Spoing at http://apps.facebook.com/spoinggame/.

Spoing Facebook Score

Gameplay: 4
Graphics: 4
Sound: 5
Controls: 3
Replay Value: 3
Overall: 3.8/5

Games2be official website: http://games2be.com/

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