Plants vs Zombies iPhone and iPod Touch Screenshots.html

Plants vs Zombies

Take a look at these Plants vs Zombies iPhone Screenshots.html while we brew some more video game news for you next week. Basically, not much have changed in the Plants vs Zombies iPod touch and iPhone version but one noticeable thing is where you grab the seeds for your plants. We already did a review for this game on the PC version and we don't really feel like doing another one for the iPhone and iPod Touch platforms so we hope that these Screenshots.html would be enough to tell you the story.

Just like the Plants vs Zombies PC version, the loading screen looks similar...

Plants vs Zombies Almanac

The Plants vs Zombies Almanac displays information about plants and zombies alike. You can use this just to browse for fun or improve your strategy.

Crazy Dave

Crazy Dave, he gives some tips and alerts you on what's happening.

Plants vs Zombies iPhone Gameplay

So the last 3 Screenshots.html above are the actual gameplay of Plants vs Zombies on the iPhone. Notice that the seeds are placed on the leftmost part unlike the PC version where they are on top.

Plants vs Zombies Achievements

The Plants vs Zombies Achievements screen displays all your achievements when you satisfy certain conditions.

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