Nintendo 3ds Release Date, Price And A Few More Details Revealed

Nintendo 3DS Handheld
The Nintendo 3DS finally gets a Release Date! It has been revealed that February 2011 is the target date for  Nintendo's new handheld for Japan and March 2011 for North America.

Surprisingly, Nintendo will still be using cartridges for the games. Perhaps they're trying to live up to their reputation. They really did not bother changing the media and we hope that won't effect the music and sound quality like it did for their past systems. Well, I guess that it's for backward compatibility as they seem to be the same size as the Nintendo DS carts.

A few more details about the specs has been revealed as well. As we already know, the 3DS will have a Dual Screen which is why it's called a DS afterall. The 3DS top screen is 3.53 inches wide and 800 x 240 pixels while the lower screen is 3.02 inches with 320 x 240 pixels resolution. Both screens are LCD displays.

The system will have two 0.3 cameras outer cameras, and an inner camera. Some other features include wireless functionality, a touch screen (of course) by using a stylus which can be extended up to 4 inches. It would come with an SD Memory Card, an AC Adapter,

For enhanced gaming, the Nintendo 3DS has some built in functionalities like a slide pad, motion sensor and a gyro sensor (which is also present in the iphone/ipod touch). Virtual Console games will also be available for those who like to play classic games.

The picing for Japan is around ¥25,000 or roughly equivalent to $300 USD. As for the game prices, they say that it won't be priced too far from $10 more compared to the DS game prices.
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