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Supermarket Mania Facebook

Do you like supermarket games? Then supermarket mania might just be right for you and you can play it on facebook, iPhone, iPad or the PC. We'll only be doing a review for the facebook version though... In supermarket mania facebook version, you play as Nikki and you manage a grocery store and keep your customers happy. It's all about time management. The game was developed by G5 Entertainment. The supermarket mania facebook version is only the survival mode of the full game. For a more complete experience you can purchase the full version for the PC, iPhone or iPod Touch and the PSP.

Gameplay:  4/5

It wasn't easy for me to get a good grasp of the game at the start. Supermarket Mania isn't really that type where you could just dive in and play .You better hit help at the start of the game and read the instructions. Supermarket mania online is a casual game where you have to fill-in shelves with merchandise before your customers get angry. You can only have 3 upset customers before it's game over. Your cart will eventually run out of supply so it's useful to keep an eye on the graphical icon on the right that shows how many products you still have in your cart. Once you've exhausted all the products in your cart, go to the storehouse which looks like a purple colored room. Going to the storehouse would take about 5 to 6 seconds. You will also need to clean up some mess on the floor and call security for people causing trouble!

The goal is to serve as many customers as you can which means that you have to keep filling up the shelves and cleaning their mess until they reach the cashier and pay without getting angry. Remember that garbage mess on the floor can also make a customer upset when they slip!

There are 3 different types of shoppers that will get around the shop in the personalities of a woman, a man and an old woman. You'll always serve the old women first during the start of the game. The old women are particularly slower but there a lot of them and the younger woman is slightly faster but fewer in numbers. There will only be a few male customers and they are either as fast or faster than the young female customers. You will also encounter thieves so you have to call security and make him sound his whistle!

A small tip, you can pre-select the shelves that you want to fill in. You can also cancel the shelves you selected if a bonus item pops up. Speaking of bonuses, there are various bonus items that you could pick. Supermarket mania bonus items are the following.

Star - Loads up all shelves (life-saver at times)
Dollar -This is  how to get super shop bonus in supermarket mania which makes all customers forget what they want to buy and just get from the stocked shelves. Supermarket mania tip: before you get the super shop bonus, make sure that you stack as many shelves as possible so your effort won't be in vain. Also, prepare to re-load your cart before the bonus effect finishes.
Winged Boots - Makes you move (run) faster
Shopping Cart - Re-fills cart much faster and can be used twice
Eggplant - I'm not sure what this thing was... It looked like an eggplant. Can somebody tell me what it is? I'll correct this section once I know what it really is... Anyway, it makes customer faces happy but you still need to re-fill the shelves they are getting from.
Garbage Can - Cleans all the garbage in the shop (note: as I'm writing this review I have not encountered this in the facebook version at all).

Supermarket Mania Gameplay

Graphics:  4/5

Supermarket Mania graphics is in 2D isometric view. The illustrations are very well made and of very high quality. The animation is smooth and changes when you switch between pushing a cart or throwing away trash to the trashcan. The animation for each type of mob is also different. A cloud would appear on each customer's head so you'll know which shelf they'll be going. Nothing very fancy in terms of graphics but it's simple and really nice to look at.

Sound:  5/5

The music was great. Supermarket Mania really put their all in this area. There's even some sound effects when you click on buttons, customers dropping products, the security sounding his whistle, etc. Supermarket mania is complete in this area.

Supermarket Mania Tutorial

Controls: 5/5

Typical of any facebook game, supermarket mania only requires a mouse and adobe flash player in order to play. Some options to control sound and music are also available.

Replay Value: 3/5

Since the Facebook version is only the survival mode, there really isn't much to go about other than if you're trying to kill some time. You can compete scores with your friends though as you'll be able to see their scores just like other facebook games. You can set a goal to score up to 100k but there isn't anything that tells you what to get once you achieve that score. I didn't bother to check it out since I got so impatient. Some improvement that they could have on the facebook version is like adding some things like a free bonus on your next play like in Bejeweled Blitz facebook version. Or at least tell the player what's in it for them for achieving a high score.

Overall Rating: 4.2/5

Supermarket Mania for facebook is a very enjoyable game. I guess one of the downside is that there is only one stage available for the facebook version. Or... There really isn't anything more other than putting stuff on shelves. I understand that this is only the survival mode of the iPhone game and the real point is to sell the iPhone/iPod touch version but I just wish something more was there. I'm not sure if it's just me but I think that re-filling up your basket is a disadvantage for slow computers as some bonus items seem to disappear more quickly (or you fill up more quickly) on slower computers. Overall, supermarket mania is a really fun game to play once you get the hang of it. This review is only based on the BETA version of the facebook game.

Visit the G5 Entertainment website at or play the facebook game at You will need to register for a facebook account to play the facebook version.

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