Super Mario Collection Special Pack

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Super Mario SP Pack | スーパーマリオコレクション スペシャルパック

This October 21, 2010 Nintendo will be releasing a super mario game with 4 classic super mario games in it. The game is called Super Mario Collection Special Pack and will be released for the Nintendo Wii and will contain Super Mario Bros which is the first game back during the NES days followed by Super Mario 2 and 3, and Super Mario USA which has the collection of all the characters playable in one game.

The game was made in 25 years of celebration since Mario was created. If you haven't noticed yet, these are all just the games released for the Nintendo Entertainment System so games for the Super NES and newer systems aren't included. Some improvement in graphics are quite visible although I think it's not something that previous Nintendo systems couldn't do. The music also seem to have improved and I think it could all justify for a purchase of the game. Super Mario Collection SP Pack will be available via Wii Virtual Console.

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