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The Silver Lining | King's Quest

The Silver Lining is a fan made game and remake of King's Quest. The original game was an adventure game created by Sierra Entertainment. The Silver Lining was started sometime in 2002 but went through some legal problems and most recently with Activision due to intellectual property rights.

It would seem that Phoenix Online Studios, the developer of The Silver Lining somehow was able to convince Activision to continue with its development and has now recently released the first episode which is entitled What Is Decreed Must Be. The game can be downloaded for free at The Phoenix Studios website.

The Silver Lining - Start of Quest

The Silver Lining is a 5 episode game that revolves around King Graham of Daventry who is in search for a cure to a curse that was casted to his children. He travels in search of the oracle which he believes is responsible for his children's sickness.

The Silver Lining - Episode Select

The game is simply a point and click game kind of game. In order to inspect your surroundings you have to select from various tools such as an eye to examine an object, footsteps icon to walk, a hand to touch or open the door, etc. You can easily cycle through these tools when you right click your mouse. The background is in full 3D although you don't have control of the camera.

The Silver Lining - Daventry Castle

If you want to know about the previous King's Quest Games, you can read about them here. More information about the game and the silver lining download here.

The Silver Lining System Requirements

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7 (patch required,
Processor: Intel or AMD Processor with at least 1Ghz
Memory: 512 MB
Graphics Card: Direct X Compatible with 256 MB memory

You can always find the updated system requirements here.

King's Quest Fan Game :
Contributed by: Kyousuke Kawachi

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