Nobuo Uematsu - From The Black Mages to Earthbound Papas

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Nobuo Uematsu | The Black Mages | Earthbound Papas

Nobuo Uematsu or Uematsu Nobuo (Japanese typically starts with the last name) the famous Japanese composer of famous video game franchise Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger. Nobuo Uematsu had a previous band named The Black Mages which has recently disbanded and Mr. Uematsu has found a new  band in the name of Earthbound Papas.

The Black Mages was announced disbanded on August 7, 2010. The reason for the disband wasn't clear, but it was rumored that it may be due to some conflict in schedule. The Black mages was an instrumental rock band founded in 2003. Hard to believe, but yeah... Mr. Nobuo was doing rock. The new band Earthbound Papas recently performed in a concert entitled Distant Worlds II: More Music From Final Fantasy.

In the video below you can watch Nobuo Uematsu promoting his new band.

If you like Nobuo Uematsu and his music then you'll probably like to get a copy of his work which you can get when you order from play-asia. All you have to do is click on the link below on whichever soundtrack you're interested in and follow instructions for payment.

Contributed by: Kyousuke Kawachi

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