Dragon's Dogma Spin-Off "Dragon's Dogma Quest" Coming To PlayStation Vita

Dragon's Dogma
Capcom recently announced a spin-off of the PS3/Xbox 360 action RPG, Dragon's Dogma. The new game will receive the name Dragon's Dogma Quest.

Famitsu magazine reports that this will be a 2D role-playing game and will have a free-to-play model. Dragon's Dogma Quest will require Internet connection as it will only be playable online.

There will be more than 150 jobs in the game, and just like the original, players can take with them a pawn to aid them in their quest through different dungeons, towns, and villages.

The game will support up to 4 players to team up online. Dragon's Dogma Quest has also been tailored to accommodate players who don't have a lot of free time to complete the game (like if you like to blog about games instead of playing them, kidding).

It's currently unknown whether the game will reach North America and Europe. The game is scheduled for release in Japan sometime this Fall.

Source: asia.gamespot.com

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