Ragnarok Odyssey Asian Version Now Available In English And Chinese

Ragnarok Odyssey Asian Cover
The Asian version of Ragnarok Odyssey is now available in English and Chinese. The retail version will be available today (August 16, 2012) while the digital download version will be available on August 21st.

Ragnarok Odyssey is set in the world based on Norse Mythology. The game features customizable character features, six specialized job classes as well as a real-time battle system.

The Asian (Chinese/English) version of Ragnarok Odyssey will include a limited edition game soundtrack as well as a code to obtain an in-game outfit called the "Gunslinger" which will greatly boost the character's HP and AP.

The digital version on the other hand will come with a code to download a "TaeKwon Kid" outfit during the first two months of its release. The latter will boost the character's attack and defense stats.

A US release of Ragnarok Odyssey will also be available and will be published by Xseed Games on October 16, 2012.
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