Fractured Soul Arriving On 3DS eShop September 13

Fractured Soul Logo
Mark your calendars! Classic side-scrolling action from Endgame Studios, Fractured Soul will be coming over to the Nintendo eShop on September 13th, 2012.

The game is a classic-style, side-scrolling platformer. While it will support 3D display, players can play across the two screens.

Fractured Soul Gameplay ScreenshotFractured Soul Reverse GravityFractured Soul Shoot'em up

You will play the role of Jake DeSaul who remembers nothing about himself. There's one thing he knows for sure, he's different. Jake can shift into a parallel dimension at will where most of the action between the two screens will happen.

There will be 30 levels across 5 zones that will take you in a journey underwater, through scorching heat, strong winds and even reverse-gravity.

Each level completed registers your rank and time completed. You can complete with your friends on your speed run with Nintendo leaderboards support. There will also be challenge levels to unlock for those hungry for more.

Fractured Soul: Deep Void will come with a price tag of $11.99. We can't wait to shift dimensions in this game!
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