Crazy Chicken Pirates 3D Now Available On The Nintendo eShop For $1.99!

Crazy Chicken Pirates 3D
The Nintendo eShop is really starting to get filled with low-price games and here comes yet another one for only $1.99. Crazy Chicken Pirates 3D is an action adventure game for the Nintendo 3DS developed and published by Teyon Games.

The game came out just two days ago and we're sure that if you had some eShop credits, you've already bought the game. But in case not, we're spilling some beans about the game.

Crazy Chicken Pirates 3D is set on an island called Chicken Island, an ideal vacation spot. Now there are these pirates, and you know what pirates do, trouble!

Your job is to restore peace to the Caribbean shores. The gameplay involves a simple point and shoot system. You'll be given 90 seconds to complete a raid which involves slaying pirates and collecting treasures.

  • Action fun for all ages
  • Beautiful hand-drawn graphics providing 3D effects
  • Plenty of hidden coins, jewels and skulls to find
  • Easy to master game-play: just point and shoot!
  • High score list
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