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Do you love to paint? Make your imagination work, express your feelings using a paint brush? What if I tell you that you can do that? In 3D!

Colors! 3D is a 3D painting app for the 3DS. It's really hard to make a distinction between an app or a game since this was made for a handheld gaming device.

To start off, you're presented with a variety of options on the main menu (we'll talk about all of them, so don't worry).

The very first thing you'll want to do of course is to start off with your first painting. The "New Painting" option allows you to select a drawing canvas which can be in portrait, landscape or wide screen mode.

Once you've chosen your preferred canvas you'll be presented with two white screens (top and bottom). What you draw on the bottom screen basically just gets drawn on the top screen as well. It's not so hard to coordinate between the two screens even though you have less real estate on the bottom screen. The top screen just basically upscale the painting.

You can zoom in or out by moving the circle pad up or down. If you need to more accurately work on a specific area, you can also move the canvas by pressing the left DPad button and then move the canvas around with the stylus.

The main painting menu or toolbox can be accessed by pressing the L trigger. There you'll have several brush stroke options, opacity, diameter and of course, a color palette.

The most interesting part of Colors! 3D of course is how you make 3D paintings. A painting is basically made up of five different layers. The layer in which you are painting on can be changed by moving the circle pad left or right and everything on that layer will quickly grow and shrink to indicate that you've changed to that layer.

The game allows you to control the visibility of other layers. You can choose to show all layers, hide obstructing layers, or show only the current layer. This gives a lot of flexibility depending on your preferences.

You can get very playful with the app. You can import photos from your gallery or camera, and do all sorts of funny things like putting a mustache on a woman's face.

For the first time, artists don't have to be the anti-social type. You can share your painting session with friends, good for kids who always like to play together and create amazing works of art together.

All your works are saved in the "my paintings" menu and can be visited again for editing later. If you like, you can connect your 3DS to the online (registration required) gallery and share your artworks. Colors! 3D also allows you to view the works of other users and you can even comment or rate their work. Newly uploaded photos are featured each week so who knows? You might just be the next celebrity artist.

Another powerful feature of this game is the "replay" option. When you view a saved painting you can re-play how the painting was done. It' very accurate in every stroke, it's a great way to learn from other people.

The game also provide some powerful samples on the "extras" menu. There are also ready-made coloring pages there which could be perfect learning materials for kids.

Unleash the child in you again! Put depth in your creations! Colors! 3D makes up for a very good investment not just for fun but also for learning.

The game was released on April 5, 2012 by Collecting Smiles. Colors! 3D is available for $6.99 on the Nintendo eShop.

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