3DS XL Charging Cradle Imminent — In Australia At Least

3DS Charging Cradle
The freshly launched 3DS XL does not come with a charging dock. The charger was even cut off from the bundle in other regions. This may have been to cut cost for the production of the upgraded system.

While some people probably never had much use for the cradle, there are also a number who probably felt upset when they discovered that their 3DS XL didn't come with anything more than the unit itself (hey, you got the AR cards too!).

Fortunately for Australian peeps, Nintendo of Australia hints on a possible sale for the peripheral that will be available as a separate purchase.

As initially reported by Australian site Vooks.net, it's also possible that the Australian release might come with the charging cradle only. Other regions/countries which had the charger as a separate purchase than the XL might get a bundle with the charger included.

There is no price or release date announced yet but we could be getting it soon according to the site.
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