How To Sign Up for PlayStation Network or PSN Account For Free

PlayStation Network

Here are Easy Steps to Sign Up for a PlayStation Network Account For Free. First of all, a creating a PSN account is free, you don't have to pay for anything! Well... At least for now... I think Sony will make it stay that way for a while and add some features that would only be accessible to premium members. But you don't have to worry about that right now... Alright, here are the steps.

1. Go to the PS3 XMB (Cross Menu Bar). If you're playing a game, you can go to the XMB by pressing the PlayStation (PS) logo at the center of your controller.

2. Once in the XMB, navigate right and you'll see the PlayStation Network Logo.

3. Choose Sign Up for a PlayStation Network, there is a little description to help you find it.

4. Once inside the PlayStation network application, you have two options: Create a New Account or Use an Existing Account. Choose Create New Account.

5. You will have to agree to the privacy policy. You have to enter your personal information such as date of birth, your chosen online ID, E-Mail, name and address. If you think that's ok with you then select continue.

6. Your sign-in ID will be your e-mail address. Select a password that is a combination of letters and numbers. It's for your own good.

7. Afterwards, you should be able to enter your online ID. This is different with your sign-in ID. Think of a unique online ID and choose carefully because you cannot change this later on.

8. Finally, after you're done. Select your avatar or do it later and you should be taken to the PlayStation store indicating that your sign up was a success. Voila!

To be able to download games online (the fun part), you will need to buy a PlayStation Network Card which you can buy here. Please note that the link is intended for US network and is a digital product.

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